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The digital road leads to massively multi-core computers needing non-blocking programming
Academic solutions for practical needs
Non-blocking programming can optimize multi-core performance towards the theoretical limits
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Parallel Scalable Solutions
We offer solutions with focus on performance and reliability for application development using state-of-the-art multi-thread, multiprocess, or distributed technology:

The scope of our solutions
Our solutions are especially suitable for development of programs on modern multi-core and multiprocessor platforms in the following areas:

  • Game Development
  • Embedded Systems
  • Scientific Computing
  • Business and Support Systems
  • IT and Telecom
  • Other program development

The main technology behind our solutions
The main technology behind our solutions is called non-blocking synchronization. In short, the idea in this approach is to avoid all kind of locking mechanisms and consequently achieve considerably improved performance and real-time properties.

The theory of this new technology is well established in the research community, however known to be very difficult to implement in practice. Very basic and simple constructs are already available broadly, for example in Java's concurrency package and in Microsoft’s .Net interlocked package. As leaders in research and experts in implementation, we have majorly further developed this technology and can offer solutions of much wider span and possibilities never seen before and moreover not available elsewhere.


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Acrobat Reader Portable Document Format (PDF) Multithread & Multiprocess: Problems and Solutions. Light-weight technical presentation of non-blocking synchronization in the scope of multithread programming. Download

  We offer packaged off-the-shelf solutions
NOBLE Professional Edition is a software library and framework containing state-of-the-art software implementations of the most efficient lock-free / wait-free algorithmic solutions for multi-thread and multi-process communication. With help from NOBLE Professional Edition, program developers in C and C++ can efficiently take advantage of the following benefits:
  • Increased performance and scalability.
  • Faster and easier product development.
  • Increased stability and termination guarantees.
NOBLE Professional Edition - Demo Version

Demo Version.

Available freely for Windows and Linux x86/x64
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NOBLE Professional Edition - Evaluation Version NOBLE Professional Edition - Personal License NOBLE Professional Edition - Site License

The full versions of NOBLE Professional Edition are offered on either evaluation, personal or on site basis for selected platforms.


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Packaged in this product are decades of research and several years of development. The package includes over 30 powerful components that can be easily inserted in new or existing applications. In more detail the product offers:

  • Standardized and transparent interface.
  • Parallel versions of common components as Stack, Queue, Deque, Priority Queue, Dictionary, List and Snapshot.


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Related documents

Acrobat Reader Portable Document Format (PDF) NOBLE Professional Edition: Applications Programmers Interface. Brief presentation of the included functionality and syntax of the components in the NOBLE Professional Edition software library. Download

Acrobat Reader Portable Document Format (PDF)NOBLE Professonal Edition - License Model. Information about license model and product price list. Download

Selected recent news and press releases:

Oct 2008 - Academic Support
Parallel Scalable Solutions are now freely supporting education in computer science and parallel programming with the use of NOBLE Professional Edition. The library can, after our approval, be used freely for selected courses given at university or college level by non-profit organizations.


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May 2008 - Demo Version Available
A demo version of NOBLE for Win32 is freely available for download. The library includes both C and C++ language support. The main purpose with this distribution is to freely evaluate the fitness of the NOBLE API and not for performance. The version consequently contains a subset of the lock-free implementations available in the NOBLE Professional Edition.


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May 2007 - Planned C++ Support
A project have started of supporting C++ natively for the Noble Professional Library in addition to the C language. The plan is to have a product ready before the end of this year. 

Nov 2006 - MultiCore Expo
We participate with a talk at the MultiCore Expo in Munich, Germany, Nov 14-15 2006. The talk is given by Dr. Håkan Sundell and Prof. Dr. Philippas Tsigas from Parallel Scalable Solutions. 


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Jun 2006 - Focus Innovation 06
At this gathering for entreprenours and investors in Sweden, we participate with a poster exhibition.


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Jan 2006 - Essex Radez
The trade and business oriented company Essex Radez LLC continues their engagement with Parallel Scalable Solutions, this time for a three-month project to develop custom designed data structures and procedures for lock-free memory management on a process-oriented dynamic connected shared memory architecture. Since 2004, Essex Radez are employing custom designed data structures with great success in their server systems, created by us during an earlier project.