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The digital road leads to massively multi-core computers needing non-blocking programming



Company – About Parallel Scalable Solutions
Parallel Scalable Solutions AB is a high-tech company specialized on techniques for parallel and distributed programming. As the hardware offers more and more parallelism, this puts increased demands on program developers. Common quality related demands can be performance, stability, and scalability.

A lot of efforts have been made on research for new techniques and approaches for efficiently being able to use the new hardware. We have ourselves participated and brought on many new techniques in non-blocking synchronization which enables high scalability. For the successes with our research, we have among other things been rewarded with a best paper award. Combined with our vast experience of program development, we have always focused on usability in practical applications.

The company has its origin in further developed technology based on break-through research from Chalmers University of Technology. The company form is private incorporation with several private shareholders including the founders. Our headquarter is located in Göteborg, Sweden. Göteborg is Sweden's second largest city with several international corporations represented.


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