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The digital road leads to massively multi-core computers needing non-blocking programming


Services – Offers
Through our academic background and vast experience with speciality in parallel and distributed programming, we can offer high-quality services on:
  • Custom design of non-blocking components for multi-thread programmingConsulting. We can assist with knowledge, advices and program development.

  • Program Components. We offer ready program products for encapsulation in new or existing applications.
    • Software Library with Components
    • Custom-Designed Components

  • Education. We offer education on our products and related fields in program development. We can teach in common programming skills as well as state-of-the-art research knowledge. Available subjects range from General Programming (Assembler/C/C++/Java), Multi-thread, Distributed Systems, Computer Communication and more. Please contact us with more information and we will create a solution that fits your organization and needs.


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